Architecture in Switzerland and Spain

We are an architecture office specialized in residential projects and offices in Switzerland and Spain. We know the sector in both countries, its construction regulations, its weather conditions, its people and culture.

We work in the language of our clients: German, Spanish, English or French, and provide personalized services. We understand their needs and apply our knowledge in the field of design and construction to make their dreams come true.

Neubau eines Einfamilienhauses in Tarragona, Spanien
Hector Alamar Architects


From dreamed to build

Our architecture office is characterized by a non-stop creativity and many years experience working on international projects. We have a great passion for design and a strong commitment to quality.

Our completely innovative working method combines the tools of traditional architectural design, such as sketches and models, with the latest trends in digitization such as animations or virtual reality. In this way, our clients can visualize their dream even before it is built, and we can work in the most efficient way possible to guarantee an unbeatable result and meet the deadlines and budget.

For the construction site management, we have qualified staff in the project region, with whom we coordinate regularly, to control the work execution, the deadlines fulfillment and ensure the highest work quality.

Local architects, interior designers and builders

From traditional architecture to innovative design

We collaborate with real estate agents, architects, interior designers and local builders who are experts in the real estate sector in their respective regions. Thanks to his knowledge of the place, we reinterpret vernacular architecture with a contemporary vision focused on functionality and avant-garde design.

Hector Alamar architects
Hector Alamar architects

Real estate advice

You tell us what, we tell you how

Our team is specialized in the real estate sector in Spain and Switzerland. We know the sector, the construction regulations, its people, culture and languages. Which makes us the ideal partner to advise you in a personalized way so that you have all the necessary information for the construction or reform of your future property.

If you want to buy a house do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you with the search or go with you to visit the selected house and analyze its condition and estimate the refurbishment cost.

We also advise you when carrying out a reform, we explain to you the corresponding municipal regulations and we take care of submitting the application for a building permit or construction permit.

Healthy and energy efficient buildings

We spend a broad part of our lives in our home, consequently the quality of the spaces we inhabit, directly impact our health and well-being. Among our design parameters are the use of natural light, cross ventilation and natural materials, as well as the search for thermal and acoustic comfort and humidity control. That is why our spaces are comfortable and healthy.

Our buildings fulfill the WELL standard, that means, they are designed to help improve sleep quality, mood and performance of its inhabitants. Our houses also meet energy efficiency standards such as the PASSIVHAUS standard or the Swiss MINERGIE standard. We care about sustainability and strive to neutralize the environmental impact.

We are an architecture office specialized in residential projects and real estate advice in Switzerland and Spain.
Hector Alamar Architects


Work in inspiring places

The way of working is changing. The trend of remote work is becoming more and more common and the new technologies even make working from home easier. All this encorage more and more citizens to look for a residence in more temperate climates and sunnier places where they are able to telework, enjoy the nature, the sun and live a healthy life.

Working with views over the sea or to the mountains is possible. We design inspiring spaces, where working becomes a pleasant experience.


Hector Alamar architects
Hector Alamar architects
Hector Alamar Architects